I have submitted my form, what should I do next? 

Please wait for me to read your form, collect info, and decide if we are a good match. The process will take up to 7 days. 

What will happen if my idea is selected?

I will send you next step instructions.

After collecting a non-refundable deposit from you and setting an appointment date, I will send you a “homework” list to help us prepare for the design and upcoming appointment.

By the weekend before our appointment I will send you a reminder email as well as a list of tips for our appointment (I have a lot of lists for ya;)

How should I make my payments?

For deposit I take Venmo and Paypal.

The rest of the cost will be collected after our session and it will be CASH ONLY.

Should I tip my tattoo artist?

Typical tipping percentage is 18 - 20% service industry standard.

Do you have a flash sheet?

I have an IG story highlight “AVAILABLE“. That’s my “flash sheet“ for now T_T

I do post my drawings randomly on IG for people to claim.

All drawings on my IG not marked “TAKEN” or “BOOKED“ are available to book.

If I cancel my appointment, will I get my deposit back?

No. The deposit is non-refundable. It will be applied to the final cost of your tattoo but won’t be returned to you.

Please think very carefully before submitting the form and paying the deposit.

I will send you a detailed deposit policy if your idea is selected.

When will I be able to see my design?

Design will and only will be shown to you upon your arrival on the appointment day. I can make adjustments if needed.

Please make sure to provide all the info from your “homework list” on time and trust your tattoo artist:)

How long will my tattoo take?

I will need to gather enough info from you. It totally depends on the amount of detail, size, placement and your skin type. I can only send you a *very rough* estimate before the appointment based on info you provide from the form.

Please note that it takes much longer time to tattoo a design on your skin than drawing it on paper.

How do I take care of my tattoo?

Please follow aftercare instructions HERE.

What is your touch up policy?

I offer life-long touch up service for my own tattoos at a flat rate of $40/time.

I submitted my form over 7 days ago and have never got a response, does it mean my idea was not selected? Or should I resend my form to remind you?

Please don’t send repetitive forms about the same tattoo idea. When my bookings are open, I respond to everyone whose idea is selected so if you never heard back for over a week, maybe your idea and I are not a good match. Please don’t take it personally.

Why was my idea not selected?

Although I have a broad spectrum of interests, I have limited available slots. I prefer to select work that matches my skill sets and expertise. If I can think of another artist that is a better match with your idea I will connect you guys. 

Also, please make sure that you have read both my DO and DON’T DO lists.

I like this tattoo you did before, can you tattoo the same design on me?

If it is a “ready-made“ image (classical art, illustration, manga panel, anime/movie still, fan art, etc.) then yes.

Other than that unfortunately no (e.g. original drawing, other client’s art, original/custom design, etc. ).

This is a tattoo by another artist, can do you tattoo the same design on me?

No. No. No. Please DON’T send me other tattoo artists’ work as a reference image…!

If it is a classic painting/illustration/manga panel/anime screenshot, please ONLY send me the ORIGINAL ART and I will work from that.

I will not copy other tattoo artists' work.

Can you do very small tattoos?

I currently prefer doing tattoos no smaller than 2.5 inches.

Also it depends on the amount of detail. I can’t crowd Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi or 3 peonies and 2 poppies in a 2” tattoo. It will heal horribly.