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You will possibly get a slot in Nov - Dec 2019

I will start to look at and respond to them in July - August

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  1. Please read the two lists below and make sure your subject is what I do;

  2. Please fill out the form. The more details you can provide the better chance your idea is selected;

  3. If your idea is selected, you will receive my response in less than 3 days with instructions of next steps. Unfortunately, I will not be able to answer all requests due to limitation of time and energy (I’m booking everything by myself T_T Really sorry.)

  4. All consults are done through emails ONLY. During the consult, we will talk more about the subject, placement, size and your budget. We will also book you the tattoo appointment during the consult.

  5. If everything works well and we end up booking an appointment, a non-refundable deposit will be requested ($200) and a deposit policy will be sent to you;

  6. I will send you a list of “homework“ regarding to how to prepare for your appointment;

  7. You will get tattooed on your appointment day!! :D

∆ DOs: Human Figures, Anatomy, Anime, Manga, Animals, Fungi, Insects, Botanics, Fantasy, Food, Daily Objects, Classical Paintings/drawings, Vintage Prints, Scientific Illustrations, Sci-fi Themes, Chinese calligraphies (client needs to provide the image).

∆ DON’T DOs: Mandalas, Scripts, Symbols, Decorative/geometric Patterns, Religious Subjects, Whole Trees, Snakes, Landscapes, Color tattoos (except red), Tattoo cover-ups, Hand/Feet/Face/Lip/Behind ear/Genital Tattoos, Copied Tattoos.

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Cell Phone #
Please provide a DETAILED description of the subject of your tattoo.
A photography, drawing, illustration or painting depicting your subject/style. Please DO NOT send other artists' tattoos >_<
inch x inch OR cm x cm
My current rate is $400/hr with a $500 minimum. The exact cost of a piece varies a lot depending on the size, placement, condition of your skin and how detailed it is. Since I only use fine lines and dots, my tattoo pieces normally take a lot longer than traditional methods (thick lines and shading). Please note that side body tattoos (ribcage and waist) take much longer than other placements because the skin is extremely stretchy there.